Arriving in Vietnam had all of us wound tight, cause none of us,( except for a few that carried the scars of Korea in their Eyes), knew what to expect from our new placement.

We off loaded at Saigon Bag and Baggage.

Names were called for Roll check. We were put on Buses that had hardware cloth (a small square metal fencing material) to keep the Grenades from being thrown into the windows and killing us.

We were driven to Long Bhin and put up into tent like buildings.

I reported for formation the next morning and was put in charge of a detail moving about 100 drums onto pallets so they might be stored for further use by the Air force.

We were told they called it "Agent Orange" and not to worry it was harmless to humans.

I had to throw my boots away cause of the stink of it. The bad part is it took me over three days to get my feet from smelling of it.

Day 3 was told to grab my bag I was leaving for A Btry 5th of the 27th Field Artillery of the 101st Airborne Division.

Arrived at Base Camp and put my bag into a GP Large Tent, and that was the last I ever saw of it to this day.

We went to the forward position and teamed up with my F.O.(Forward Observer) and started looking for a volunteer to be our RTO (Radio Telephone Operator) We were then assigned the ARVN (Army Republic of Vietnam) Infantry Company for Search and Destroy Actions.

Which I will explain later.

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"Oooohra Airborne All the Way"