The Burbank Report,
 Eric Bruskotter

Posted by Erika/Kaj/Lindy/Mel/Pen/Sheila on 2/24/2007

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Erika: When I first met Eric, he smiled big and said to me, "Would you like to hear a funny story?" And it sounded so much like his character Baker that I was totally distracted by that and didn't pay close enough attention to the story, so Eric had to tell it to me twice!

For "Battling Baker Brothers," they were originally going to get him to play both parts, of Karl and Scott Baker. Karl was asking for top dollar from his agent to do the part, and the ToD people weren't gonna go for that, so Eric got Karl's agent on the phone and said, "Just get him to take whatever he can." Whatever they offer, just take it. And that's how Karl got the part, otherwise it would have been Eric doing both parts, talking to himself. And I guess fighting with himself, too. LOL


He told me he and Karl's rapport in "Battling Baker Brothers" was pretty much how it is in real life, and that their characters were a lot like themselves, "except we're not as dumb as them."

Sheila: Eric told me his brother, Karl Bruskotter, doesn't act any more. He told me he worked for the County (?)

Erika: I forgot exactly how it came up in conversation, but I asked him if he surfed. He doesn't. He said he's tried it a few times, but he's not really into it.

Sheila: Eric is a big cuddly teddy bear.

Erika: Yeah, and he likes to make you laugh.

Sheila: Eric's wife was really lovely and very friendly.

Erika: And their baby boy has a very strong grip. Ernie danced with him and at the end, the baby would not let go. He just kept squeezing Ernie's fingers and laughing. Baby had the most fabulous time dancing with Ernie. LOL

Pen: Eric, as far as talking to me went, didn't have much to say. I asked him questions about what he's working on and he told me he had done the season premiere of "24". He was in the first 2 shows and that he was good in them. He really liked talking about his son, Reiland (he told me how to spell his name), he is nuts about that baby.

Sheila: Eric's wife is involved in a company which makes magnetic jewellery. She was wearing a bracelet with magnets, it was really pretty. When I showed her my magnetic, rather tarnished, bracelet, she gave me all the website details, and as she was writing her name, she said, "That's what happens when you marry a German, you get a long name."

Erika: At one point early on, Eric asked us if we had taken a walk around the convention and who else we were here to see. And I was like, "Psssh, we don't even know who else is here--we came for this (Tour of Duty)!" And I think Eric was frankly stunned. I think he was floored that we came from all over the world just for Tour of Duty.

Lindy: This guy, imo, hasn't changed all that much over the years. At least in looks, anyway

He's still blonde and he's still big. LOL

From my observations, he's quite similar in nature to his Scott Baker character.
He appeared very laid back and relaxed. A really happy and easy going type of person.

Somewhat brighter intellectually, LOL and understandably, more mature than the skateboarding protein-conscious Californian.

Id describe Eric as a gentle giant with a heart of gold.

He was so nice to talk to. An extremely polite man. You could ask him just about any question and I'm sure he would have answered it.
And it was clear he was very proud of his work on Tour of duty
He was happy to sign autographs and didn't mind having his photo taken one bit.
When I went up to have my photo taken with him I suggested he stay seated LOL.
because even seated, he was almost taller than me, LOL.
And he chuckled at that.
Then he said "How about we both stand next to each other, and I'll just kinda squat down low for ya?"
And I thought that was really sweet.

After the photo was taken, he introduced us all to his family??? OMG??? Did we feel privileged?
As not many actors will do that. They like to keep their private lives, private.
Tami his wife, was simply gorgeous. Just a beautiful beautiful person.
And his son Reiland was absolutely adorable.
Talk about the perfect little family?
Little Reiland is so socially interactive for such a young child.
I guess that comes with being a celebrity baby?
He was giggling non stop as his daddy flew him through the air like an aeroplane straight towards me. LMAO.
And the kid had a fascination for peoples hair LOL.

I know this, as he grabbed some of my hair in his hand during that game of aeroplanes, and tugged quite hard, LOL. And I tell you what... It almost bought tears to my eyes LOL

Eric apologized.. explaining his son didn't know his own strength yet LOL.

No need to apologize, I told him. He's just a baby.

I had such a heap of questions I wanted to ask Eric. and in fact all the guys.

But I just never got the time.
I was curious to know what tricks Eric and his twin brother pulled on friends and family when they were kids.
I wanted to know if Eric is a vegetarian?
And wanted to know what was his favourite TOD episode was? Did he ever get Terry back for the mud sliming incident?
Did he and his brother really lift that army truck on Baker Brothers? Or was their a hidden winch attached making it look like they lifted it? LOL
How many takes were needed to film that skateboard scene?
And of course we all wanna know how he got to be so damn big in real life, LOL.
GOSH??? So many questions

Erika: Yeah, I wish I had the chance to talk more with Eric and it's too bad we didn't get to spend more time with him. This may sound silly, but for me it was a left-to-right thing. LOL The guys each had designated sections at the table and it went Steve, then Joshua, then Terry, then Eric. And I think people just naturally like to start from the left (I do, anyway), and Steve and Josh had so many photos and were such great storytellers--as all these guys were--that by the time we talked with Steve, and then with Joshua, it'd be, like, three hours since we walked in. And by the time we talked with Terry and got to Eric, it'd be, like, time to go home. LOL

But I would have loved to chat more with Eric. I, too, wanted to know if he was ever a vegetarian or ever considered trying to be a vegetarian, and how he got to be so big. What was his workout regimen? LOL I wanted to know if he remembered scenes like the ones with Kady Tran (the Crying Woman) in "Battling Baker Brothers" because those were so funny! And I wanted to know if he watched ToD after he left the show, and what it was like coming back to film his appearance in "The Ties That Bind." And that's just the tip of the iceberg! Maybe another time...

Lindy: Eric and Terry seemed to have a great rapport between them. I caught them a few times, whenever there was a lull in the fan line, eating pizza, razzin each other, pushing and shoving each other around.
Honestly? They were like a couple of big kids.
Terry kept whackin Eric upside of the head all the time LOL.
And Eric just took it. Never retaliating.
And I thought careful Terry.... or Eric's gonna drop you on your ass LOL.

Speaking of dropping Terry on his ass???

I recall a story Terry told once, about how Eric one day picked him up by the ankles, one handed, if you don't mind... and threatened to drop him on his head. LOL. I don't know if he actually did drop Terry? Or if he only threatened to LOL.

Does anybody recall this story?

Erika: Yeah, I remember reading it somewhere on one of the ToD sites...

Lindy: Now that would have been a sight to behold? As Terry's a pretty big guy his own self LOL.
And it wouldn't have been an easy task to lift him upside down single handed.

Erika: We were actually going to ask Eric to do that to Terry for us. Not drop him on his head, of course. Just pick him up by the ankles. I'm not sure they would've agreed to it, but Eric just reaching for Terry's ankles could have been a great photo op. LOL

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