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Stuart Fratkin                        Carlin in "USO Down"

Linda Jameson                      Christy in "USO Down"

George Marshall Ruge          Crew Chief in " USO Down"

The Band In USO Down

Wade Camben

John King

Kerry James

Joey Turnbull

Guest starred in USO Down

Pat O’Bryan                        ??????????

Marieta De Prima                 ??????????


Body Guard Of Lies

Liem Whatley                         Thang

Maryilyn Tokuda                     Li An   also listed as other characters,but this needs checking

Dean Hamilton                         Spec 4 Worthen

Ramsay Midwood                   PFC. Lorin

Hotep Brown                           Jac-Nho

Samuel Castelo                        Villager

A Necessary End

Maria Mayenzet                        Sister Bernadette

Scott Lawrence                        Leander

Dean Hamilton                          Worthen

Leilani Sarelle                            Dollie

Oz Tortora Sid                          Boyle

Bradley Thomas                        Franklin

Tom Patton                               MP # 1

Larry Cord                                ND SF #1

Steven Langa                            Samples

Cloud Nine

Aaron Seville                            Cool Breeze

Paul Anderson Scott                 Black Deserter

Stephen Quadros                      White Deserter

Tram Van Le                            NVA Commander


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