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People are living longer and accomplishing more courtesy of the medical field and the research that supports it. The ability to study the human body and its tissues greatly contributes to healthcare and the progress that continues to be made in the field. People with disabilities are an example of one group that has benefited from the advancements in medical care. With proper treatment and care, disabled individuals are able to participate in more sporting activities and events than ever before. Research helps healthcare workers such as LPNs and other nurses to provide the appropriate care to those in need. It's important that people continue entering programs to become nurses in order to keep providing level of care that is needed for individuals with disabilities and others.

The Special Olympics & Other Recreational Programs

A disability can affect a person's ability to function either physically or mentally. This often sets them apart from their peers and prevents them from enjoying activities performed by people without disabilities. This needn't be the case, however. Sports can be a positive and therapeutic activity in many ways for people who are disabled. They can build confidence and self-esteem and eliminate feelings of being left out. In addition, sports can improve physical fitness, health, and how others perceive individuals with disabilities. There are numerous sports programs that are designed to allow people with disabilities to compete with others who are also disabled. These programs are typically adjusted to the needs of disabled persons. They include the Special Olympics, as well as local programs throughout the country.

Histology Resources

Histology is defined as the study of biological tissue under an electron or light microscope. When studying the tissue, it is often thinly sliced and stained with histological staining. This allows the observer to identify various structures in the sample properly. There are several reasons why histology is so important, such as education. For example, courtesy of histology, those in the medical field better understands the tissues of the body and their structure. Histology is also used in forensics, the diagnosis of disease, and autopsies. People who specialize in histology are known as histologists.

LPN Programs and Resources

A licensed practical nurse is a nurse that works directly with patients, but is under the supervision of registered nurses and physicians who work in the facility or practice. People who work as LPNs are allowed to perform only basic nursing care as instructed; however, duties that they may or may not perform are regulated by the state in which the nurse practices and holds a license. LPNs can be found in hospitals and private practice, but they also work in nursing homes and other healthcare settings. Most programs to become an LPN take as long as 12 months to complete, but this, too, may vary by state. LPN courses are held at community level colleges, some hospitals, and technical schools.


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