#18 WAR IS A CONTACT SPORT                                 PROD.B89418

When Doc fails to shoot a VC soldier in the field ,an American soldier Cousins is killed needlessly. Doc is ostracised by the rest of the guys; and after facing another test of moral wills in a whorehouse after-hours with Pop; he eventually succumbs to his own inner-turmoil and freaks out. Meanwhile ,Ruiz and Taylor have crawled out of the jungle after twenty-two days, and are reunited with their buddies. Also ,Colonel Brewster returns for the Phu An board of inquiry, and must convince a mentally fragile soldier from Bellar’s platoon to testify. Throughout the whole episode, Goldman and Anderson attempt to locate a motorised NVA supply route, eventually finding it in spades – and must defeat a Russian tank in a pitched battle of man against machine.

WRITER; David Kemper

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The Phu An Board of Inquiry becomes a reality, taking testimony from General Higgins, Brewster, Goldman, Lieutenant Bellar and several of the men in his unit. Pop’s son, a stone killer arrives at Camp Barnett. Anderson leads his men into an area that is sprayed with an herbicide, Agent Blue, which adversely affects Griner and Percell. Unable to handle the board’s decision charging him with the murder of forty-three civilians, Bellar takes his own life.

WRITER: Carol Mendelsohn

#20 THE RAID                                                                      PROD.B89420

With Goldman still in a funk over Bellar’s suicide ,Brewster chooses his team for a secret mission – a dangerous raid in North Vietnam to free captured American flyers – and leaves Goldman off. With a former POW as factual and spiritual advisor, Brewster puts the men through hell at a secret training base. Determined to be part of the effort, Goldman and Doc mange to have themselves included in the plan, and Pop is forced to sneak along to be part of the raid. Finally in a dazzling assault, the men storm the North Vietnamese prison only to find the POW’s have been moved—there’s no one to rescue! After a vicious firefight, the guys retreat with their dead and wounded, knowing that they at least instilled some hope in the captured Americans – wherever they are.

WRITER : Jim Johnson

#21 PAYBACK                                                                     PROD.B89421

Picking up several months after episode #20 left off, we follow Ruiz, Percell, McKay, and Grinder as they experience the trials of readjusting to civilian life – and the physical injures of the latter two. Simultaneously we witness the deterioration of the situation in Nam through the eyes of Anderson, Goldman, the increasingly troubled Doc Hock, and Taylor – culminating in the murder of Sergeant Hannegan by a disgruntled American Soldier. We leave this season with vignettes of our guys, setting up the possibility of the further exploring their situations.

Writer: Jerry Patrick Brown

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