#4 LONELY AT THE TOP                                               PROD.B89404

Johnson is faced with a crisis of confidence after soldiers die following his orders. This comes amid an escalating dance of "cat-and-mouse" with the NVA over a missing (and presumed captured) Australian SOG Team Leader. Meanwhile Anderson and Dr. Jennifer Seymour spend a weekend together in Texas. Faced with the choice of losing one of the two things he values most, Anderson finally proposes marriage, and she accepts. Soon, however , inner voices compel him to painfully to re-evaluate his decision.

WRITER; David Kemper

#5 A BODYGUARD OF LIES                                          PROD.B89405

Upon Anderson’s return from his thirty days in the States, the men go on a special mission led by a North Vietnamese defector. Along the way, Percell forms a special friendship with the defector. When the men discover a My Lai type massacre and the defector is killed Percell is sent over the edge. He ends up up seeking solace in drugs, and for the first time tries heroin.

WRITER; Brian Herskowitz                       tour photos 3.gif (165302 bytes)

#6 A NECESSARY END                                                    PROD.B89406

McKay’s jeep accidentally strikes a child, bringing him into contact with a French nun who’s in charge of a makeshift orphanage. She causes him to consciously re-evaluate his life’s worth. Percell is busted , assigned to a degrading detail. His self-image collapses, and he deserts. A mission to kidnap a defecting NVA officer uncovers perfidy in the ARVN command , and brings Ruiz and Brewster into contact with a prosperous, middle-class Vietnamese family.

WRITER; Jerry Patrick Brown

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