The Burbank Report
ToD Guys, Meet the ToD Gang

Posted by Erika/Kaj/Lindy/Mel/Pen/Sheila on 2/24/2007

* * * * * * * * * * PART THREE: ToD Guys, Meet the ToD Gang * * * * * * * * * *


Well, finally the moment had come...

Sheila: We walked down the hall straight towards their table. At the same time, Terry starting walking towards us. He was probably just walking in that direction. But it made it seem like he got up to greet us, which couldn't have been as he didn't have a clue who the hell we were.

I remember I just looked at him. He looked at me and raised his eyebrows, I said something stupid like, "I don't believe this," which made him raise his eyebrows more. Thankfully, one of you came to my rescue then and started talking to him.

Erika: Well, it wasn't me who came to the rescue. I was preoccupied snapping pictures of the guys who were standing behind the table (where we expected them to be), scanning the room through my camera's viewfinder. I was panning to the right, thinking I'd get one of us ToDites in a picture, when I saw *Terence Knox* right there in front of us. I mean, RIGHT THERE. In my viewfinder. And he was taking up, like... the whole window, LOL.

So while Sheila was busy making Terry Knox raise his eyebrows, I was busy saying, "Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God." And I looked over my shoulder at Lindy, who was right beside me, and I swear, she looked like she had won the Super Lotto Plus California lottery.

Lindy: What it was like meeting TERRY:

Settle girl. Just settle I told myself LOL.

And remember to breathe.

Walk nice and slow with your head up. And smile. But not too cheesy? Or he'll think youve had botox injections. LOL

We all waltzed into that Convention Centre, very very excited.

God help me if Terry went to shake my hand. I don't know about anyone else, but my hands were dripping with nervous sweat and I had to keep wiping them down on my jeans, ICK...LOL.

My heart was beating so fast it felt like it was gonna explode right out of my chest.

I entered thru the doors and there he was. He was walking towards us, like he was King of the Hill, and with a smile on his face as big as Texas. OMG? I - am -going- to- die

He greeted all of us with such warmth and genuine enthusiasm.

Mel had already told Terry and the others that some TOD fans had arrived in Burbank, and would soon be coming to say hello. But we'd got held up looking for this capless Vietnam Vet called Ernie, LOL.

Terry was getting anxious as to our whereabouts.

"Where have you guys been all this time?"

I found myself really listening to his voice to see if he sounded anything at all like Zeke did.

I think he talked quite different to Zeke. Im curious to know what the rest of you think?

When I laid eyes on him the first time.... I was speechless.


I loved what he was wearing. I think the dark shirt he had on, suited him so well.

Healthwise, he looked great. He appeared trim, and fit and well.

And the hair??? The hair was good LOL.

He looked even better in real life than I imagined he would.

like *smokin' hot.... LOL*

I.. I.. I.. I.. I .... I'm in love, MAN

After the initial shock of seeing him up close and personal I found my voice and some dutch courage and asked if he'd mind having his picture taken with me.

And to my extreme delight, he said SURE! Come on over here.

And I squealled like a school girl LOL.

I was by his side in a heartbeat.

Barely able to contain my excitement.

Asking Mel and whoever else I could, to take our photo.

No way was I going home until I had a photo of him and me together, LOL.

Terry was about the same height as my husband. So around 5/11 or 6ft.

My head was almost up to his shoulder, but not quite, LOL.

Thankfully, he did not ask me to stand on a box. Or I would have died.

I did not need to be coerced into smiling for the camera.

It just came natural.

He was so great. He chatted so naturally to everyone and happily put his arm around whoever was having their photo taken with him.

He's really great with ppl. And lapped up all the attention.

As did we.

After lots of photos with the fans, he, and us, moved over to the TOD table where the rest of the guys were sitting.

There we saw Steve Akahoshi. And next to him was Joshua Maurer. Then there was Terry's chair, and on the end was Eric Bruskotter.

No sign of Tony Becker? Perhaps he was coming later?

The guys all looked great. Not too much different to how they were on TOD really. They've all just aged a little, of course? Which is to be expected.

I was so amazed at seeing them all in person. It all seemed so surreal. LOL.

And WOW??? Look at all those photos?

And this is where all the fun began

We the fans.... wanted autographs.

Lots and lots of autographs. LOL.

On anything and everything tourofdutyish... that we could lay our hands on.

Sheila: When I walked over to the table, the first thing that struck me was how gorgeous Josh is up face to face. I was just standing there looking at them all, then said something equally stupid to Josh like, "I've been watching Tour of Duty for 20 years, it's like my television has come to life."

Erika: As we made our way down the table, we introduced ourselves to each of the guys and shook their hands. They looked us in the eyes and really made us feel very welcome, you might even say special--they acted like it was an honour to meet us! It was an absolute joy to meet and talk with each of them. I'm not sure we'll ever finish telling you guys about these four, very generous, wonderful men and what they shared about ToD, but here we go for starters... starting at one end of the table, stage left...

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