An Ordinary Killer

The world premiere of CDI Films "An Ordinary Killer ", starring Terence Knox,
took place on 7 November 2003 in Owosso,Michigan.

Here is a special report for HUM90 from the Premiere from B.J Mathes,

AKA. Sgt.Pepper

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"An Ordinary Killer" is no ordinary movie in any stretch of the word.

It could not have been easy for the screenwriter, Anthony Hornus, to put the events in the tight order that he did. The docu-drama covers nearly three decades and follows six detectives through it all.

DJ Perry portrays Detective Lynn Kendall, who was the only officer involved with the case from the time the body was found.  The case had been closed for in 1979 and Kendall re-opened it in the year 1998. 

Dan Haggerty portrays Detective James Le Baron, the first county officer brought in when the victim was first missing.

Terry Jernigan (TJ) portrays Detective David Sheridan, who seemed to enjoy being the bad cop when interviewing suspects.

Christopher Nendick portrays Detective Steve Hersh, was sent to the town to help Mark Peyton.

Charles Matthau portrays Detective Mark Peyton, who worked the scientific end of the investigation with Steve Hersh and Lynn Kendall.

Terence Knox portrays Detective Ben Bannister, who was brought into the case by the father of the victim while she was still missing. 

Ben had his heart ripped out when he had to close the case...  unsolved. 

This is Terry's finest performance since his days as "SSgt Clayton Ezkeiel Anderson" in the TV series "Tour of Duty".

All in all the script was very well written.  There were a lot of twists and turns in the case.  The performances of all was at the TOP OF THE CLASS.

Personally I hope that "An Ordinary Killer" does get distributed in theatres around the world. 
It is a "MUST SEE" for ALL TOD fans..

B.J. Mathes


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