The Burbank Report,
Terence Knox

Posted by Erika/Kaj/Lindy/Mel/Pen/Sheila on 2/24/2007

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Lindy: Then Terry jumped in. He was feeling a little left out of the conversation at this point. And he had something to add about ad libbed lines in scripts.

"Hey? Talking about ad libbing... you all remember that episode where Lt and Zeke are in the tunnels? Its right after the Pilot? You remember where Zeke says "I'm the nightmare your mamma warned you about? Well I ad libbed that."

Of course we remember LOL.

That line was a classic.

One of the most memorable of the series.

Terry was beaming after we said that.

Erika: Terry was a very friendly, personable, and charismatic guy. Like Sheila said earlier, it really felt like he had come out to welcome us when we made our appearance on Friday. He loved teasing us and was always looking for ways to make us laugh. He seemed to enjoy hanging out with the guys and just chatting with people. Being so gregarious, he didn't stay in one spot very long very often!

Sheila: Terry was Terry. His voice is completely different from Zeke's.

Erika: I didn't notice his voice was different from Zeke's until he started talking like Zeke. At one point he said a "Sgt. Anderson" sort of thing, exactly the way his character says it in the show, and I realized (again) that Terry Knox was standing *right there* in front of us. Right there!

Terry loves being in the spotlight and he's good at it. When Lindy asked him if he still boxed, he said, "Oh yeah." And he proceeded to box with Eric. Or rather, "at" Eric. LOL

Sheila: He said about Eric that he looks dumb but he really is quite clever.

Ernie: Terry said of Eric, "He's not really stupid; he just looks like it!"

Sheila: He was so impressed that we knew so much about the show that he let each of us have one free photo.
And Josh looked over and said something like, "Well, now I feel bad. I'm gonna give you guys freebies, too."

Pen: He told me numerous times to take good care of the poster because they are rare and will be valuable some day! He also was impressed with how much we knew about the episodes i.e., the dialogue and certain scenes as he'd forgotten a lot of it. I could tell by the way he talked to the other guys that there was a lot of respect there and he genuinely cared about them.

OMG, I almost forgot to tell a short, short story about TK. All of us were standing in a semi-circle around him discussing, I have no idea what, when he reached over and put his hand on my shoulder and THEN began to rub my upper back. I.....thought.....I ....was, either shriek with joy or.....die! Ah, what a memory!! I'm still doing the happy dance, like Maire did when SC did the same thing to her!! Bless you Maire, I now know how you must feel!! By the way, I did ask Terry about the mud-down-the-back incident and he said it was during "The Hill". The guys are on the side of the trail and he put mud down Baker's shirt when he passed him going up. Keep watching. Someday we'll find the correct scene!

Sheila: Terry still laughs about the mud on his face from "Notes from the Underground."

Pen: Terry gave Lindy and Sheila such a hard time about their accents, but it was all in good fun. With Sheila he would say her name in a very exaggerated English accent with his mouth open so wide you could see the back of his throat. Also, he is the biggest tease I've known since my husband. Was always giving Eric a hard time as well as Sheila and Lindy.

Sheila: Terry spent a good ten minutes giving me a hard time about my accent. I'm not sure if Terry really didn't understand me or if he was just joking - taking the p**s as you might say, as the other guys answered my questions without too much trouble, although sometimes I can repeat the odd thing.

An example is when he was signing photos...

Terry: Who's this one for?
Me: Lorna
Terry: Who?
Me: Lorna
Terry: Looooona
Me: Lorna
Terry: How do you spell it? L-U-N-A
Me: No, L-O-R-N-A
Terry: Oh, Lorna.

As I was spelling names, Terry was nudging Josh, imitating and taking the mickey out of the way I speak. But he went on to ask me who she was, and when I said a friend who lived in Ireland who wanted to be here, he understood every word.

Erika: And Terry gave me a hard time when he asked us if we'd be back for the second day of the convention.

Terry: So are you all coming back tomorrow?
Me: Yeah, definitely. And it would be really nice if Tony Becker showed up.
Terry: Oh, so you wanna come back for Tony? The four of us aren't good enough for you?

And I wanted to come back with something witty and clever, yet polite as well as flattering to the guys, but that proved too much to ask, and my tongue went on ahead without my brain, and said:

Me: I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I--

Eventually, Lindy came up to me and wondered what the hell was going on, like, "What is it? What's wrong with you? Spit it out, girl. The man is still standing there, waiting for the next word."

Really it was a very disembodied sort of thing, like I was listening to someone with my voice. After a while, it started sounding like a little ditty, even. I just don't know what happened there. I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I just don't know!

Lindy: I have to say all his pics were gorguz. I wanted to buy the whole box. Only I couldnt afford it. Id have to choose the best ones LOL.

When I found the ones I wanted as keepers, I asked Terry if he'd do the honours.

I went ahead and introduced myself to him. Told him who I was and where I was from, and he immediately took the p*ss LOL.

"LLLLiiiiinnnddeeeee from OSTRAYLIA .... You sure do talk strange."

I also wanted to say something witty or clever, right back at the man, but I just couldnt think fast enough. LOL

"Soooooo...... Lindy from OSTRAYLIIIIIIAAAA?? Do you spell your name with an eeeeeee or a YYYYYYy"

Breathe Lindy ....."With a Y."

"With a Y??? You sure its not with an "e" and followed by another eeeeeee?" LOL

At that point in the conversation, I should have said "Gimme a break" LMAO

Erika: Hey, saying nothing is much better than saying Y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y--. For example.

Lindy: When Terry was done teasing, and Id stopped blushing, I reminded him of the letter I wrote him back in June, and how he autographed a picture of himself for my son Jamie for his birthday and called him Little Zeke.

He looked at me in all seriousness then, like he was thinking real hard.

And then the penny dropped.

"OH YEAH? I remember now. That was a great letter. I love getting stuff like that. So how is little Zeke? Does he still watch the show"

"Oh he's doing great. He's growing up fast. He's actually in grade 6 at school now. And yeah. he still loves watching Tour of Duty. You'll be pleased to know he's got your picture in a frame on his dresser. And he just thinks you're the bees knees"

"Does he really? Well I'll be damned. You tell him for me that I said Hi, okay? And give him this"

Terry grabbed a photo from his pile and started signing his name across it for jamie.

then handed it to me. It read..."Hey Little Zeke? Whats up?" signed, Terry.

I was stoked by Terry's warmth and generosity.

"OMG? He'll be thrilled with this. Thanks so much Terry."

"That's my pleasure"

I then went to pay him $10 for the extra photo.

But he absolutely refused to take it.

"uh uh. You don't have to pay me for that. That was something I wanted to do. Consider it a gift from me to you"

"Ohhhhhhhh? that's so nice. Thank you"

"Hey, you're welcome"


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