Dan Haggerty by Sgt Pepper

Dan Haggerty portrays Detective James Le Baron,
in the film 


Dan Haggerty and I, really did not have much time to talk. Besides, my recorder didn't want to work. He was busy with meetings for other productions in which he and his team were trying to get off the ground.
His manager had kept him pretty busy while they were at the Comstock Inn.
I was however; able to get some rather nice photos of Dan, Bubba, Theresa and myself.

Dan Haggerty portrays Detective James Le Baron, the first county officer brought in when the victim was first missing.

The man, Dan Haggerty, is an animal trainer as well as a well rounded actor...His career in front of the camera began in 1964 and is still going strong nearly 40 years later. Dan's first appearance was a movie called "Muscle Beach Party" where he played a muscle man named "Riff".
His is credited with having custom built the motorcycles for the movie, "Easy Rider", which starred Peter Fonda and Jack Nicholson.
In 1975, Dan did the pilot for "The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams".
Four of his fellow actors in the current film, "An Ordinary Killer", are JUST old enough to remember him as "The Griz", while the fifth one just might be old enough to have imitated Dan's muscle man role... "Riff"... at his Junior Prom.

Dan has the distinction to be known as the ONLY actor to have had his star removed from the "Hollywood Walk of Fame" as the chairmen had accidentally spelled the name of the intended actor wrong, the late Don Haggerty. Later though, the "Grauman's Chinese Theatre" had placed a star in front of there, to honour Dan Haggerty.

When asked who the better prankster is between he and Terence Knox... he will say that, "I am... Terry has escaped from a mental asylum and you can't believe a word the boy says..."
Well Griz...
You didn't get up early enough....... But, if I was near your age, I might find it a little hard to put my feet on the floor at 5 a.m....

The Pepper