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I worked on the 2nd and 3rd seasons of "Tour of Duty" (think 1st season was shot in Hawaii). Shot many AK47s, M16s, been shot many times on the show, with and without squibs (blood packs), blown up with grenades and land mines, done hand to hand combats, been stabbed, drowned, and taken prisoner. 
Captured once by while I was peeing.  Had helicopters hover over me. 

Usually cold, uncomfortable, wet, or muddy in area near Magic Mountain, wearing sandals and light black pajamas.  Can remember hitting my mark one time, and special effects was supposed to blow land mine right before I hit that mark, but they blew a couple of seconds later and I felt the full force of the explosion on the side of my face.  Felt like somebody with a big heavy hand slapped me as hard as they could. 

Also remember getting hit with rifle butt, then saw white only when looking out the right side of my eye.  Opthamalogist said I had a swollen, almost detached retina.  Would lose the white and see clear again after swelling in retina went away.  I also remember when special effects didn't put enough padding on inside of squid, so when they went off, felt like firecracker blew taped to my skin.   It left nice welts on body.  ............................

Gary Toy.

15 September 2000      

Gary has recently finished filming episodes of the tv series V.I.P

A John Carpenter movie "Ghosts of Mars",

Ghosts of Mars  stars Natasha Henstrich and Ice Cube, and  was doing stunts for Martian warriors.
And a music video starring a new band called "Linkin Park"

10 August 2000 19:19

Will Leong forwarded your email to me.  I worked a couple of seasons on Tour of Duty too.................. 
Gary Toy

14 August 2000 21:49
.............., but let me tell you about myself first.  I've been doing stunts professionally since 1984.  Here are some of the shows that I've worked on...........

Television E.R., Martial Law, Buddy Faro, V.I.P., The Magnificent Seven,
NightMan, Baywatch Nights, Vanishing Son, BayWatch, Dead or Alive, Paradise,
Hooperman, General Hospital,TOUR OF DUTY.

Movies: The Mystery Men, Paper Bullets, Lethal Weapon 4, Red Corner,
Blade, Dog Watch, Metro, Escape From LA, High School High,  The War, 
Deadly Target, Double Dragon, Showdown In Little Tokyo, Perfect Weapon,
Martial Law, Southside Strut, Big Trouble In Little China, DMZ, Hanoi Hilton,
Rapid Fire,
Across the Tracks 

Commercials: Tim Burton's Timex, Universal/MCA Viking Adventure, Samsung
Cellular, Universal Studios Riot Act


Stunts - filmography
Mystery Men (1999) (stunts)
Blade (1998) (stunts)
Metro (1997) (stunts)
Dog Watch (1996) (stunts)
High School High (1996) (stunts)
Escape from L.A. (1996) (stunts)
... aka John Carpenter's Escape from L.A. (1996)
Deadly Target (1994/I) (stunts)
... aka Fire Zone (1994)

The War, (1994) (stunts)
Across the Tracks (1991) (stunts)
Showdown in Little Tokyo (1991) (stunts)

Actor - filmography

Big Trouble in Little China (1986)  Chang Sing #5

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