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The Helicopter unit that was flying for the show when it was filmed in Hawaii was the 184th AHC Blacksheep.

Don Sandhoff- CW3 Ret was a pilot during this time and has shared a few memories


My first flight in the show was for the Pilot show.  
We shot for four days to get it all together.  The ground shots without the helicopters was longer.

The first shots of the helicopters coming toward the camera I am in the far left in the right seat. 
chopper2.jpg (4448 bytes) This shot was used at the beginning of each show along with another shot from inside the helicopter where you see me pointing out. 
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Nothing out there they just told me to point. :)

They had the camera on bunged cords from the ceiling for that shot.

After we were finished shooting the pilot show Zev Braun gave us pilots an envelope with $300.00 dollars in it. But because we were on duty, in the Army, to fly the missions, we were not allowed to keep the money. 

The thing was he gave it to us on Friday and we went out with the Actors to the Hard Rock Cafe and another bar and eat and drank a lot of it up.Then Monday the Commander told us to give it back by Tuesday.

After that we would still meet the actors at the Hard Rock Cafe on Friday nights. They did not like Hawaii that much because they said it was too expensive and they were living in a hotel.
Gotta go... more later.