John Ashker-Stuntman

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11 February 2001 08:52
Like I said, I doubled Stephen on a USA Network Series called The Big Easy which shot in New Orleans, LA and I was the Stunt Coordinator for in 1996 and 1997. He was a very nice guy and a pleasure to work with. I doubled him in a complicated fight scene that involved a stair fall and a high fall. All parts of the fight that I could use Stephen in I did so the audience could see his face. He learned the choreography easily and performed all of his scenes very well. We did spend a little time during set ups talking about the old days on Tour of Duty and he still seamed to be quite fond of the show himself. It was a very good experience and I hope we get a chance to work together again sometime.

07 February 2001 04:25
Ironically I never double Stephen when I worked on Tour of Duty. I doubled him in 1997 on a USA Series I did called The Big Easy, he was one of our guest stars.
On "Tour"  I was always a soldier, what we call ND or Non Descript.  
Most of the Stunt guys who worked the show would have been ND Soldiers for the purpose of getting killed or taking hard falls. It was a fun show to work on and it would be great to have something like again. I hope this was of some help.


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Wind Talkers
The Forsaken        Asst.Stunt Coordinator      
Guilty as Charged      (Featured Actor)
Children of the Corn 666
Shark in a Bottle
Fait Accompli      (Killer/Featured Actor) Stunt Coordinator / 2nd Unit Dir.
The Bad Pack
Escape From L.A.
The Winner
Pinocchio's Revenge
Black Sheep     (Jim Blaine/Featured Actor)
Batman Forever
Leprechaun III
Glory DazeStunt Coordinator
Hostile IntentionStunt Coordinator
Rough Magic
The Little Rascals     (Chauffeur/Featured Actor)
Wayne's Word II
The Beverly Hillbilies     (Guy in Jeep/Featured Actor)
Under Investigation
The Stoned AgeStunt Coordinator
Witchboard II
The Bodyguard
Mission of Justice
Wayne's World
Where The Day Takes You
Alligator II     (Guidry/Featured Actor)
House II
Avenging Force

The Huntress     (Ted Erwin/Featured Actor) Multiple Episodes
Beverly Hills 90210
Stark Raving Mad
Buffy the Vampire Slayer                Multiple Episodes
VIP     (Leder/Featured Actor)   Multiple Episodes
Applewood 911 (Pilot)                Stunt Coordinator
Dark Angle
The Big Easy     (Diver/Featured Actor)Stunt Coordinator Series/ 2nd Unit Dir.(2Eps)
Lois & Clark                                 Multiple Episodes
Journey to Mars
OP Center
Winnetka Road                            Multiple Episodes
Married With Children                Multiple Episodes
In Living Color
America's Most Wanted         Stunt Coordinator
FBI: The Untold Stories
Tour of Duty Worked on 10/12 episodes