The Burbank Report, Part 2, 
Meeting Each Other

Posted by Erika/Kaj/Lindy/Mel/Pen/Sheila on 2/24/2007

* * * * * * * * * * PART TWO: Meeting Each Other * * * * * * * * * *

Sheila: When I arrived, I couldn't get the key to work and had to knock on the door. Lindy was on the phone to Erika (three hours wasn't it? - now that should have warned me of what was to come) but as I hadn't slept for 24 hours at that point, all I could manage to say to Erika was a quick hello, then collapsed on the bed for about half an hour. I know I thought that Erika must think I'm so rude, just grunting hello then passing the phone back to Lindy.

Lindy: That was so funny. Erika and I were cracking up and half expecting Sheila to kick the damn door in, out of sheer frustration, LOL.

And when she got inside... Erika and I were all chatty and bubbly and Sheila was like....Zonked out on the bed, covers over her face, not wanting to talk at all. LOL. And she got lumbered with me?

Erika: I thought Sheila was hilarious. Here Lindy and I had been yakking it up, and Sheila knocks on the door. I was all excited. Getting to talk with Lindy *and* Sheila! *And* getting to hear Aussie and British accents in the same phone call!

My first conversation with Sheila was:

Me: Welcome to California.
Sheila: Thank you. I'm knackered.

The End.

I thought to myself, hey, that Sheila is a class act. I like a woman who is to the point!

I like a woman who has the gift of gab, too. That's Lindy Roo. I wondered what it would be like with all six of us in a room talking, some of us bubbly, some of us dry... hey, it's like champagne and wine! And I knew right then we'd have a marvellous time.

Sheila: I knew Lindy was 4'11 and I knew she was blonde. Her posts are always bouncy and I had a mental vision of her jumping all over the place, like a baby kangaroo, plus for some strange reason, her hair in bunches. Thankfully, I was wrong.

Then of course, Lindy and I got talking and I've no idea what time we finally got to sleep.

Lindy: It was late LOL. But we knew we wouldn't get much sleep that first night. We had too much to talk about.

Sheila: I know I woke after a couple of hours - my body clock was still on UK time. In fact I didn't get much sleep all weekend and my brain ended up so fuddled, I think I lost the power of coherent speech. I don't think it was my accent Terry had such a hard time with, more that I couldn't string two words together to make sense.

Lindy and I went for a walk in the morning to see what was in the local vicinity. In short - nothin'. Burbank Airport is miles from anywhere.

Lindy: You got that right. There was zip. Diddly squat. No shops. Not even a cafe?

And remember that corner we stood on? We waited for the walk sign to flash. We didn't wanna get booked for J walking. We looked on the traffic light pole for a button to push? But there was none. WTF??? Eventually we just braved it, and crossed the road. Then Erika explained later about the white crossing lines and the yellow lines and what they meant? LOL

Sheila: We sat around the hotel lobby for a while, watching people coming and going (never know who we might have saw).

Lindy: Yeah, that was fun. And quite entertaining. It was a hive of activity. So many ppl coming in and goin' out. I'm sure many of the ppl we saw were celebrities of some kind, there to attend the convention. They were all dolled up, lookin' ready to partay. I sat there half expecting TK to just waltz in the door any minute. Figuring he'd be staying at the Hotel.

I'd have loved to have sneaked a peek at the hotel guest list, LOL.

Id have found out which room he was staying in and pretended to be a hotel maid, LOL.

Sheila: I was desperate to get a couple of hours sleep at this time, so Lindy went down to the lobby to meet Pen.

Lindy: Id promised to meet Pen in the lobby.

Only trouble was, I had no idea what Penny looked like. Every woman who walked in, I looked long and hard at LOL.

Luckily she had her white flower or else she'd still be sitting in the lobby waiting for us, LMAO.

Sheila: Sleep was elusive and after a couple of hours, I started wondering where on earth Lindy had got to.

Lindy: Heheeeeeeee I went on a snoop and poop LOL.

j/k roflmao

I was helping Henny Penny get settled into her room. And just as we were about to come get you, Pepper rang and wanted to chat. *LOL* And you guys reckon I can talk???

Sheila: She'd gone off with both keys to the room and I didn't want to leave the room in case I couldn't find her and then couldn't get back in. She finally came back and we both went to get Pen, then something to eat. I learnt fast that nothing was done quickly while we were all together. If Lindy said "I'll be 5 minutes" - yeah right, we knew we wouldn't see her for at least half an hour - we knew she'd find somebody to talk to and get waylaid. As Ernie would say, "Now what are we waiting for?"

My brain function was already going by this time and I can't remember much of that evening apart from Pen's pie. My God, was that pie enormous, I'd never seen anything like it in my life. It could have fed a family.

Lindy: Yeah? The famous chicken pot pie??? Would have fed an entire platoon of grunts for a week, LOL.

Americans sure eat big, LOL

I think it was maybe that pot pie that made Penny sick? Remember she said how the pastry wasnt cooked properly?

Sheila: We were playing musical rooms a bit. Lindy moved to Pen's room that night. I know I thought I'd get some sleep that night. No. I woke up about 6 am and couldn't get back to sleep.

Lindy: Penny was great company. She was so very easy to talk to. And I felt we hit it off pretty well. It was just a shame we were all the way over in the east tower. Why the Hotel didn't put all us TOD fans on the same floor???? And in adjoining rooms??? Boggles the mind.

Sheila: Lindy and I waited in the lobby for Erika to show up. Of course, we didn't have the agreed white flower. We did consider pinching some from the hotel garden, but thought the hotel might not like that too much.

Lindy: There was an abundance of white flowers in the Hotel garden. We could have taken our pick LOL.

And remember Erika's white flower?? roflmao... It was all wilted from the California heat and a little worse for wear

Sheila: We both had a similar idea of what she was like, except I imagined her with long hair and Lindy thought short. Lindy was right. Erika came in. We both looked at her. She looked at us. Then I think she waved the white flower.


Lindy: Yeah? that white flower was a good idea.

The minute she walked in, we went "that's gotta be her?"

She was just gorguz. So happy and full of life. And there were hugs and kisses all round LOL

Erika: LOL, well, maybe I was "full of life" because my travel to Burbank didn't involve hurdling international date lines and 3 hour delays--my travel was easy peasy! All I had to do was get on a one-hour flight (whose check-in of 1.5 hours almost made me wonder if I should have driven, LOL), rent a car, and then meet Lindy, Sheila, and Pen in the hotel lobby at 1030 hours.

Well, I knew as soon as I landed at Bob Hope Airport that it was going to be a fabulous trip. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, sunny and 80 degrees F, and I could feel the excitement in the air! (But maybe that last part was just me. LOL)

Walking into the hotel, I scanned the lobby and immediately noticed two women. They looked up from their conversation to look right at me, at the very same time I stopped mid-stride and looked at them. They both just had this presence--the kind of presence that Stephen Caffrey has on stage. They were starting to smile at me, I was starting to smile at them--chemistry! LOL So I waved my little white flower (our identifying "badge"), and they broke into big smiles and got up and we hugged, and that is how I met Sheila and Lindy, two vibrant, lovely ladies who had me stitches the whole trip.

Pen had to babysit her room at the time, but when she came down a few moments later, I was felt so good just at the sight of her. Pen has a beautiful smile and the gentlest demeanour! She has a giant heart of gold--you can tell!

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