Whilst surfing around the net looking for "Tour" information I came across Revell/Monogram scale model kits that were released
in-conjunction with the series.
These crop up on the major auction sites from time to time.

I have listed what I have been able to find out , if you have anymore details please let me know.

Thanks to Zack for the above images



The Republic F-105F Thunderchief had the serial number 5450 and was a 1/72nd scale kit

Thunderchief F-105F model.jpg (79047 bytes)

The McDonnell Douglas F-4C Phantom II had the serial number 5451 and I believe was a 1/72 scale kit.

ModelPhantomII.jpg (79501 bytes)

The McDonnell Douglas US NAVY F-4J had the serial number 5452 and was a 1/72 scale kit.

LARGE TOUR MODEL.bmp (175926 bytes)


The McDonnell Douglas A-1H SKYRAIDER had the serial number 5454 and was a 1/48 scale kit.


The Lockheed F-104C STARFIGHTER had the serial number 5455 and was a 1/48 scale kit.

MONOGRAM-F-104C-NAM-TOUR-OF-DUTY1.bmp (921654 bytes)

The Bell Huey UH-1B Helicopter had the serial number 6086 and was a 1/24th scale ki


1/24 scale. 19 5/8 long.
1/24eme. 50cm de long
1.24 50cm lang

Original listed price $ 19.75

These kits are no longer in production.