Notes from the Underground

Miguel Nunez in tour of duty

TAYLOR is captured and held in the secret underground tunnels of the NVA. Anderson and Goldman—trying to earn the men’s respect—go into the tunnel after the NVA. In the end Anderson and Goldman escape the tunnel after a cave-in , as does Taylor when his Doctor is unable to follow orders and shoot him.

Director: Bill L. Norton.                                                         Writer: Bill Norton

James Pax N.V.A.Doctor
Alfie Wise Top Rat
Clyde R. Jones  Pointman
Bob Finiani Major Braun
Winston Omega  Pegleg
Anthony Manson Jr. Sgt.1st Squad
Roland Nip 1st N.V.A.Soldier
Colin Fong 2nd N.V.A.Soldier
Dung Tan Nguyen N.V.A.Officer
Vincent Think Nguyen  N.V.A.Commander
George Ruge Capt. Of Engineers
David Duhanoo Tattooed Soldier
Daniel Bartholomew Tattooed Soldier/Young Lieutenant
Ched Parrott  Armed Guard
Dung Phi Tat N.V.A.Soldier #1
Ancuong Long  N.V.A.Soldier #2
Al Fureto N.V.A.Soldier #3
Phi Ta Kendall  Viet Cadre
Khanh Huu Nguyen Young Cadre
Yvonne Ho N.V.A. Nurse

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