The Posters

Here are some Tour Of Duty posters that I have managed to get hold of over the years.
The first two were released by New World International, as part of the Press Packs

Poster-Red.jpg (67774 bytes) White Poster.jpg (76886 bytes)

UK poster to go with the VHS Rental Video Release

Newanm.gif (3972 bytes)

Newanm.gif (3972 bytes)

Newanm.gif (3972 bytes)

Another UK poster produced to go with the VHS rental release
(pictures taken from ebay, I didnt win if you own this please get in touch.)

Green Poster.jpg (66771 bytes) 4picposter.jpg (51779 bytes)

These two are from Dutch Magazines from the early 1990's

A poster from Thailand , note the hand drawn style of it.


Thanks to Peter Aahal for the following pictures of posters he has.
One is a Mexican release the other is Italian.

peterredposter.jpg (45492 bytes)        Tourposterspanish.jpg (21787 bytes)