Sgt Peppers personal thoughts of her trip

From The Heart of a Fan and Mother

When I left Texas on November 5th, I had no thought of what to exactly to expect, I only knew that I was going to Owosso, Michigan to meet Terence Knox, my most favorite actor since the days of "St.Elsewhere" through to "Tour of Duty". I had done much research on my computer to locate his work and to see it when it was available.But to not only get to see first hand, something new that he had done, among about only 1,500 others... I was to also meet and interview him.

I wasn't so worried as to what I would say and do as I was worried about how I would feel about being back in the state of Michigan after a fourteen year absence.
Some would have found that strange, very strange indeed. Here I was on my way to meet my favorite actor and all I could think about really was the events of fourteen years earlier.

It never dawned on me, that I would even be affected by the contents of the movie as I wasn't quite sure of all the details.
I had heard second hand about it but, it hadn't hit home until I was sitting there watching the movie itself. The things that went on were so close to the events that led to my retreating from that wonderful state with no thought of returning at all.
My heart goes out to the parents, husband and son of the victim.

I want to thank Craig for sending me to review the film.
Also thank Tony, for going through the tasks that he must of had to do in order to write such a wonderful script. I also wish to thank the town of Owosso and those close to the victim for allowing the movie to be made.
Most of all, I wish to thank DJ Perry, Chris Nendick, Charlie Mathau, Dan Haggerty, TJ Jernigan and Terence Knox for putting the time into such fine performances.

The subject of the film was not a happy one however; there was a very happy ending. It showed an entire county, state, and town that there was a final closure to a horrific event. It gave me hope that, someday that might be possible for daughters as well as for myself... As with all things that have a violent end... there needs to be a final closure...Maybe my girls will see that happen someday.

I can only hope that this has given my children courage to do what is needed to bring about closure for their hearts for mine has remained with my son...

I had relived a nightmare while reviewing the film and survived... The tears have finally come forth after all this time... and it has made me a better person.
My heart goes to the mother of the victim and I also dance for joy with her that she has the closure that she so badly needed. For me... If they never find the real answers to any of my questions... the one fact that I have is that the ones who committed the act must live with the memory of what they did to a wonderful boy for as long as they live...

The next time I return to Michigan... will not be fourteen years from now... fourteen years is too long to mourn and stay away from home...Even if the reason was... to have buried a son...