Why Help and Support Are Needed


Even though the running costs are not huge, it does still cost money to pay hosting bills and other related bills to keep the site open & and to find more items, to keep the site fresh and growing.
 I'll continue do whatever I can to keep this site going & growing , as I have done for years. I don't want it to close or stagnate. Don't worry we're okay for a good time yet.

Thus, if you can help in any way ,be it through a one-time Paypal payment,
shopping online via any of the new banner links from this site it would be greatly appreciated, you don't have to keep buying the Boxsets in the links just use the links to go to Amazon and shop for what ever you want there.
Whether in be a loved ones Birthday or Christmas present , a new DVD, book or MP3 download it all helps.

If you want to use Paypal to support the site to help, that's great. If you don't that's fine.

I want to help support HUM90

How else you can help.

Of course not everyone will feel comfortable sending a payment, or want to use the links, that's perfectly fine.
You can still help by sending me things , information on what the actors are up to now, pictures you have in your own collection , details of where the shows airing now.

Any information will help and save time searching for it, I can't promise that I'll be able to post it straight away.
I have several things I have been sent and still haven't got around to adding them but I will eventually.
But saying that  please don't just rip stuff off other sites each website owner puts time and effort to make their site the way it is.

It took me three years to get the Pamela Gidley interview up after the hard drive corrupted as I had to wait till the technology needed to recover it became affordable and had the time to do it. But I got there in the end.

Also you can help spread the site by using the handy Twitter , Facebook, Google+
buttons that I'm slowly adding across the site. You'll find them at the top left of certain pages.

Aside from all that I want to say thanks for visiting ,
I hope you found the site helpful , insightful maybe and will keep returning