Everett McGill

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Date of birth 21 October 1945,Miami Beach, Florida, USA

The Straight Story                    1999                                 Tom the John Deere Dealer
Jekyll Island                             1998
My Fellow Americans               1996                                  Col. Paul Tanner
Under Siege 2: Dark Territory    1995
Against All Odds                       1992
TV Series                       Host
The People Under the Stairs      1992                                     Man
Jezebel's Kiss                           1990                                     Sheriff Dan Riley
Twin Peaks                              1990
TV Series                        Ed Hurley
Licence to Kill                          1989                                      Ed Killifer
Iguana                                     1988                                      Oberlus
Three on a Match                    1989                                       Boss
Heartbreak Ridge                     1986                                       Major Powers
Silver Bullet                             1985                                       Reverend Lowe
Dune                                       1984                                       Stilgar
Field of Honor                          1984
A  Time for Miracles                 1980   TV                                The Farmer
Union City                                1980                                        Larry Longacre
Brubaker                                  1980                                        Caldwell
Yanks                                      1979                                        White G.I. at Dance
Notable TV guest appearances

Tour of Duty 1987    as    Katim/Sgt. Carter