Paradise Lost

BRAVO CO. is saved from a VC ambush by a native Montagnard tribe. These natives hate everyone (VC, NVA, ARVN) except Americans. They take our guys in as their guests. This is against the better judgement of a mysterious American , KITHEM , who seems to have deserted the Army and joined the tribe.

Our guys get orders to help fortify the native "compound" against the VC. They also help build shelters, inoculate the children, and teach the women modern agricultural techniques . Kithem warns Anderson that all this will only help make the tribe a target for the Drug Baron’s.

Bravo company and the tribesmen intercept a major drug run whilst out on patrol. It turns out that the local ARVN Major, TUNG is somehow connected to the drug trafficking and arranges to have the village bombed one night in retaliation for their interference Our guys are then ordered out. The ARVN troops are to come in and take over. When they do, our guys can’t bear leaving the villagers.Hearing gunfire in the village, the guys return and a firefight ensues. With the help of  the tribe, they annihilate Tung’s troops, and then relocate the tribe in a refugee camp.

Everett McGill Kithem / Sgt.Carter
Keone Young Major Tung
Bruce Gray   Lt. Colonel Dalby
Arsenio "Sonny" Trinidad Katu Chief

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