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These pages came about because I was sorting through my cupboards and I found my 'Tour Of Duty' press pack in a box, then all the rest of it.
They may not be the greatest web pages, they may or may not have anything new to you ( but I'm pretty sure you'll find something new as I'm still working on the site ) , but I thought that I would share with whomever wants to visit rather than just putting the stuff back into the cupboard.

I first watched Tour Of Duty here in the U.K. around 1989/90, from the very first premiere episode till the last I was hooked,

I managed to see every episode the first time round, despite the fact that the episodes were often not on until the early hours of a Sunday morning, shown infrequently.

The worst thing that L.W.T ever did with regards to Tour Of Duty was to show two episodes in the wrong order , they managed to show episode 16  "The Volunteer", second series, (the cliff-hanger) and episode one "The Luck"  series three the wrong way round. To make matters worse they didn't show  episode 16  for two weeks. So although I knew that they were ok I didn't know what they had survived for two weeks.

At the time the show aired I managed to contact Zev Braun productions in the U.S.A. and received photo's, a press pack and a signed group photo and a few other things.

Throughout the years I've managed to get hold of more pictures through other sources both colour and black & white.

Some of the facts and details here are going to be dated, over the years I have been updating this site as & when I can .

Anybody who wishes to send anything they have about the series or the actors is more than welcome to.

To still be able to draw new people to watch and to have even more websites created over ten years from when it first aired, shows that L. Travis Clark and Steve Duncan were right in thinking that they had something special on their hands when they first devised the show.

If you have any comments about these pages or information that you think I would find useful please e-mail me or go to my message board.

Thank you



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