The Volunteer

Guest star Malcolm Jamal-Warner (left) portrays Ben Sweet, a desk jockey who longs to be in battle,
then gets a chance to prove himself alongside Taylor (Miguel A.Nunez Jr.) in the season finale of TOUR OF DUTY.

Most of the men are frustrated and depressed over the progress of the war, and the dwindling American support for what they are doing here, but Anderson meets a clerk, BEN SWEET who feels the opposite , wants to get into the fighting, away from the rear echelon, before his tour ends. Anderson tries to help him, but has little luck. Taylor’s friendship with Lieutenant Patterson develops into romance, but they’re interrupted in a hotel by the men she’s been investigating for corruption. These men take pictures of Camille and Taylor in bed , and threaten to give the pictures to the brass if she doesn’t drop her investigation , and leave town.

Goldman and Alex are still distant from one another emotionally, but her relationship with McKay heats up, and they flirt with the idea of going to bed together.

The show and the series end with Goldman, Anderson and the rest of our guys in the field, surrounded by VC, and having to call in artillery fire on their own position , as their only possible hope of survival.

Director: Steve Posey    Writer: Steven Phillip Smith

Paul Townsend Medic (Uncredited)
Michael B. Christy Major Duncan
Will Nye  Sgt. Hart
Malcom- Jamel Warner Specialist Ben Sweet
Robert Lesser Sgt.Major Boyd
Richard Brestoff  Major Darling
Angela Basset Lt. Camilla Patterson
Chip McAllister Specialist 4 Treadway
Francois Chau Vietnamese man
Peter Trencher  Operations Officer
William Brochtrup Brockman

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