The story you are about to read is told in the full Truth as I remember it.

I was a Recon Sergeant assigned to the 5th Battalion 27th Field Arty 1st Field Forces with other assignments to 101st Airborne Phan Rang RVN; 49th Ranger Company RVN; MAGRVN; and the Tiger Division, Korean Army.

My job description was to assist the Forward Observer (a 2Lt. That adjusted Artillery Fire on Enemy Targets) by keeping communications with the Fire Direction Centre, setting up a safe and secure placement when staying in any area.

Keeping Team supplied with needed articles of supply, Ammunition, Maps, Rations; and all necessities to perform under Combat Conditions.

The story begins with my Birth on the 25 of August 1944, in Bartow, Florida. My family was average, working father who really liked his Brew, Mother whom did everything father said to do. Three brothers, and one sister.

I left home at 16 to join the United States Army, with out a single thought of regret. I grew up fast having to become a Warrior as a youngster of sixteen years. I loved the Army for there I found a purpose for everything.

I first went to Fort Jackson South Carolina for Basic Infantry Training, which lasted about eight weeks of hard and severe Training. Hand-to-Hand Combat; Compass / Land Navigation, Weapons (M-1 Rifle) everything you needed to know on how to function as the Basic Infantry Solider.

The old saying of you can never go home again is very true, for after Basic Training and was expected to be welcomed Home with open arms, guess again.

No open arms, so I went on to Lawton, Oklahoma home of the Artillery school.

From there to Korea for 13 months, Germany for 4 years (this was great for I met my wife of 35 years here.) then to Ft Lewis Washington State,

Then on to Nam which is where I will begin a story of a Young Man Child of twenty years of age went to see death that would haunt him forever.

A Vets true story