Lonesome Cowboy Blues


Trying to get in touch with a long-range patrol soldier, Zeke , Goldman and Bravo Company run into a ten-year-old kid, who saves them from a VC ambush. Later the kid comes under suspicion as a VC informer, but Zeke defends him from the charges. Taylor and Percell try to get a friend of theirs a job as a chef for the officers, an attempt which has unfortunate consequences for a dog.

Director: Charles Correll     Writer: W. K. Scott Meyer

Joseph Hacker
Marc Buckland
Page Leong
Mitusuru Yamahata the Kid
Le Tuan Chef
Allan Williams
Charles Hyman  M. Sgt. Hannegan
Peter Kwong Nguyen
Hal Havins M.P.#1
Mitch Ford  Hurley
Nathan Jung  Bouncer
Jane Chung Elderly Woman
Jeff Orman M.P.#2
Eric Chen Guitar Player

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