Promised Land


The assassination of Martin Luther King causes racial tension on the Base. Zeke, who accompanies the body of a friend – a black soldier killed in action—back to the States, encounters many of the same of the racial problems back there, as the brother of the dead soldier tells Zeke the family doesn’t want him to attend the funeral. Goldman works closely with a black lieutenant—Douglas – whose men hate him so much for his by the book discipline that they threaten to "frag" him.

Director: Helaine Head     Writer: Steven Phillip Smith

John Tolesbey
Sami Chester
Richard Brestoff  Major Darling
L.Scott Caldwell Selma Binion
Jay Arlen Jones
Arnold Turner Sgt. Art Binion
Randy Brooks Lt. Sherman Douglas
Tom Millar  Newsman
Ed Cambridge Preacher
Greg Travis Love
Tony M. Gillan Westfall


This episode first aired on April 4 1989, the 21st anniversary of Martin Luther King Jrs death.


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