Louise's Boys

The following pictures and information was kindly supplied by Mike Kinoshita

 Louise Dushkin was in charge of casting Vietnamese for the show.  She was our boss.  She also played characters on the show. 
Notably the mama san who spit on Lt’s rice in the 3rd season opener.

Louise’s Boys was taken during the later half of the second season.  It was on a day where the majority were playing Montagnards. After the second season autographed photo by the primary cast was distributed; this picture was taken, autographed by all of us and distributed to the principals and members of the crew. 
The persons pictured to the best of my knowledge are:

Standing: James Dean Yamashita, Mike Kinoshita (me) , Mark Low, Louise Dushkin, David Hashimoto, Vernie Ducat

Kneeling: “Tex” Wong. Lester Chung


"Bad Guys"

This picture  was taken I believe early in the 3rd  season.  It is known as the “bad guys” picture.
The people I remember are

Back row : “rocket man”, ?, Mike Kinoshita , Hiep Nguyen, " Tex" Wong,  ? , 

Front:  Jeffrey, James Dean Yamashita, Lester, Mel

This picture was probably taken during the 3rd season when it was obviously cold. 
 It is us doing what we normally do (hang around and wait). 
The people I recognize are standing to the far left is stuntman Willie Leong, in the far back is me. Seated is Maylene. 

This picture was taken during the later part of the 3rd season.  It is me leading a squad of ARVN special forces.  We were background during a base camp scene.  I remember all the guys but do not remember their names other than “rocket man”.  The guy with the moustache on the far left is seated in the picture above. He also worked with me as ARVN during the spitting on Doc Hoc scene.  

This picture I took. It is from the finale of season 2.  
It was when the guys called in artillery on their own position.

These two are from season 2.  It is a soldier getting medevac’d

Please note all these pictures were previously shown by Mike on the long gone (but not forgotten)
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