Odd Man Out

Taylor, angered at being passed over for promotion by a less qualified white soldier, begins to spend more time with radical black power advocates at a "soul" bar in Saigon. Meanwhile, Team Viking has to find and bring back a province chief’s kidnapped wife, or the official won’t allow artillery fire during the fast-approaching 1969 Tet. Their mission is complicated by losing their radio – and finding that the woman is not deathly ill – but travelling with a six-month-old baby.

WRITER; David Ehrman

Haunani Minn Li
Aki Aleong Local ARVN Official
Joseph Hieu ARVN Officer Chieu
Lance Slaughter Cody
Stewart Wilson-Turner  Ronnie
Hung Minh Phi V.C.#1
Le Hoang V.C.#2
Bach Van Nguyen Hoi 
Jihmi Kennedy  Shakey Williams
Alan Scarfe Colonel Stringer

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