And Make Death Proud to Take Us


Camp Barnett is attached to the newly-formed Capital Military Command with the objective of heading off an anticipated repeat of the 68 Tet offensive. The immediate consequence is the over-crowding of the camp and the inclusion of newbies into the team and on the base. Goldman and Anderson each take eighteen men, mostly FNG’s , out to check reports of a massive movement of NVA. Anderson’s unit is attacked by the enemy en masse , and due to outstanding bravery and courage, a few survive.

WRITER; Jerry Patrick Brown (follow the link to read and interview with Jerry)

Scott Fults Pvt. Eddie Bell
Alan Scarfe  Col. Stringer
John Boyd West The Newbie
Kyle Chandler Pvt. William Griner
Micheal B.Christy Major Duncan
Charles Hyman MSgt. Hannegan