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Patrick Kilpatrick as CIA Agent Duke Fontaine
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A message from the HUM90 Message Board - 1/14/2008

Stopping in to say hello

Posted by Patrick Kilpatrick on 1/14/2008, 4:57 pm

Hello Tour of Duty fans ... This is Patrick Kilpatrick aka Duke "Freefall" Fontaine. I'm stopping in at the behest of an Aussie fan named Lindy.

I don't know the protocal. Is there a specific time you would like me to stop by to answer questions and converse?


Patrick Kilpatrick


Here is an e-mail that Patrick was kind enough to send me

Date : 17 October 2000 18:05
Re: Tour of Duty

Sorry I've taken a while ... but am producing my own film and acting and kids and ... you know ... I can say no hype ... Tour of Duty was the most fun of
any job I have ever had ... among 37 films and 40 some television show ... it was largely all guys without of course the restraints of behavior that the presence of women necessitate ... so the atmosphere was wildly ribald ... add helicopters and guns and nobody really dying and   ... well it's like grown up cowboys and
Indians .... add to that Terry Knox and Steve Caffery ... two of the most dementedly funny life forms on the planet ... add Dan Gautier, a solid, sweet, funny "good man" on his own ... Tony Becker, Miguel ... it was an atmosphere perhaps like a real combat team on vacation ... brotherhood, without racism, without angst, without mean-spirited competition, just a bunch of swinging dick practical jokers getting paid great money to play .... haven't know the like before or since ... and that brother is the truth ... best in your endeavor ... Patrick Kilpatrick

About the man himself
Born in Virginia.
Moved to New England at the age of six.
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Also Credited As:  Pat Kilpatrick (II)

Crossfire Trail 
Palmer's Pick Up  as Bo
Riot Action
The Replacement Killers as Pryce
Last Stand at Saber River as Austin Dodd
Free Willy 3: The Rescue as John
Riot  as Bryan O'Flaherty
Last Man Standing  as Finn
Eraser as James Haggerty (Head of Security Cyrez)
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman  TV Series   as Sergeant O'Connor
Beastmaster III: The Eye of Braxus  as Jaggart
The Granny as Father
Scanner Cop II  as Karl Volkin
Under Siege 2: Dark Territory  as Merc #2
3 Ninjas Knuckle Up  as J.J.
Open Fire  as Kruger
Showdown  as Lee
Greyhounds  as Hollis Davis
The Stand   TV mini Series   as Ray Booth
aka Stephen King's The Stand
Angel 4: Undercover  as Hank
Best of the Best II  as Finch
The Cellar  1990
Class of 1999  as Mr. Bryles
Death Warrant  as Naylor, "The Sandman"
Tour of Duty          as CIA Agent Duke Fontaine (1989-1990)
The Presidio  as Mark
Russkies   as Raimy
The  Quick and the Dead,  as The Ute
Roanoak  as Amadas
Insignificance  as  Driver
Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins  as Stone
aka Remo: Unarmed and Dangerous
Stone Pillow  as Young Thug
The Toxic Avenger  as  Leroy

TV Guest appearances

Charmed  as  Death   in episode Apocalypse Not                          1998
18 Wheels of Justice as Martin Pate in episode Mr. Invisible          2000
The Pretender as   Oscar  in episode     The  Assassin                    1999
Martial Law as Corr Hessman   in episode   Lock-up                     1998
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine  as Reese in episode The Siege of AR-558         1998
"V.I.P."  in episode  One Wedding And Val's Funeral                    1998
Timecop  as Mr. Kiefer in episode   Lost Voyage                           1998
"ER" as    Matthew Lindermulder   in episode  Ground Zero           1997
Soldier of Fortune, Inc. as Al Humphries in episode  Power Corrupts 1997
"JAG"  as "Kent" in episode Full Engagement                                 1997
Nowhere Man as  C.W. Knox   in episode  Heart of Darkness       1996
The Lazarus Man   in episode Cattle Ride                                      1996
"Babylon 5"  as  Robert Carlson  in episode Convictions                  1995
Star Trek: Voyager  as Razik in episode Initiations                          1995
Pointman as Jeff                                                                             1995
Walker, Texas Ranger  as Guthrie in episode: Skyjacked                  1994
Bakersfield P.D.  as  Dwight in episode Unsolved Mysteries of Love 1993
Time Trax as Corden Fuller in episode Face Of Death                     1993
Raven as "Donald Hollow" in episode Something in the Closet         1993
Veronica Clare   in episodes  Anonymous & Deadly Minds             1991

Tour of Duty as    Duke" Fontaine" in episodes
The Raid (episode # 3.20) 1990
Acceptable Losses (episode # 3.16) 1990

Matlock  as Assistant D.A. in episode     The Reunion, 1986

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