Acceptable Losses

While out on a mission, Taylor , Ruiz, and two others miss the pick-up and are forced to utilise "Escape and Evasion" tactics – surviving on their own. This dilemma is intensified when they miss their secondary pick-up. Meanwhile, Anderson and the guys receive their medals for bravery from a well-meaning, but uninformed Senator who’s in Nam on a "photo-op" tour. As the days pass ,Taylor and Ruiz are replaced by new soldiers, including a 44-year-old PFC Thomas "Pop" Scarlet, a "lifer" with a unique perspective on the war. The show ends with McKay unable to rescue Taylor and Ruiz, and our guys in the chopper watching helplessly as their friends are chased back into Cambodia by large numbers of NVA.

WRITERS: David Kemper and Carol Mendelsohn

Lee Majors Pop Scarlet
Patrick Kilpatrick  Duke Fontaine
Danny Nucci  Wozniak
Kyle Chandler Pvt.William Griner
James Harper Lt. Col. Wilson
Tony DeCarlo  P.F.C. Jake Kuslits
Peter Luna Captain Morales
Stephen McDonough Aide
Robert M Bouffard Private Seaver
Khin-Kyaw Maung Tu