Sealed with A Kiss


Doubting his ability to readjust to life back home in the States, Zeke considers a CIA recruiter’s offer to make a lot of money serving as a mercenary in one of the agency's shadow armies, fighting in places that the U.S. government won’t admit any involvement. He and Goldman go on a dangerous mission with a Navy SEAL, and find themselves in the jungle without a radio or supplies and a very tight deadline to meet the one helicopter coming for them. If they aren’t at the LZ in time, the chopper will leave them stranded in VC territory.

Director: Steve Posey   Writer: E. Katz & D. Cooper (Story) Elia Katz (Teleplay)

James Purcell Jim Doyle
Stephen Bogardus Ross
Richard Brestoff  Major Darling
Larry Poindexter Cpt. Palmer
Allen Williams
Ben Rawnslety
Melora Hardin   Christine Pierson
Peter Neptune Seal One
Ben Meyerson Smith
Neil Flynn Seal
Mitch Ford Hurley

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