Hard Stripe


Goldman, suspecting he and his men have been used by CIA Agent Jim Doyle to provide himself with an escort out of the bush, investigates Doyle’s activities , a job for which he has to ask Alex’s help. McKay tries to get Goldman to consider Alex’s request that he apply for a non-combat assignment, but Goldman suspects McKay’s motives , and observes that he’s sure McKay wouldn’t mind taking his place with Alex. Taylor’s upset because a soldier named Smith gets his Sergeant’s stripes before Johnson gets his, and Taylor thinks colour has something to do with it.

He’s soon distracted, though, when he meets and is immediately attracted to Lieutenant Camille Patterson , a black woman who’s on the base investigating fraud in the PX system.

Director: Jim Johnson     Writer: Jerry Patrick Brown (Teleplay)

James Percell Doyle
Ben Meyerson Smitty
Richard Brestoff Major Darling
Angela Bassett Lt. Patterson
Everette Lamar Perkins
Michael Hartson Barnett
Peter Hartson  Parks
Joe Aufiery  Brady
Duke Moosekian CID Lt.

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