Ving Rhames

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as Pvt. Tucker in Burn , Baby , Burn

Night Train as Sonny Liston 2001
Final Fantasy ... Ryan (Voice)
Holiday Heart -2000
American Tragedy TV mini Series .... Johnnie Cochran -2000
Mission: Impossible II as Luther Stickell
Bringing Out the Dead as Marcus
Entrapment as Aaron Thibadeaux
Out of Sight as Buddy Bragg
Body Count as Pike
Don King: Only in America as Don King
Con Air as Nathan 'Diamond Dog' Jones
Rosewood as Mann
Dangerous Ground as Muki
Striptease as Shad
Mission: Impossible as Luther Stickell
Deadly Whispers as Det. Jackson
Kiss of Death  as Omar
Drop Squad as Garvey
Pulp Fiction as Marsellus Wallace
The Saint of Fort Washington as Little Leroy
Dave as Duane Stevenson
Bound by Honor as Ivan
Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot as Mr. Stereo
The People Under the Stairs as Leroy
Homicide as Randolph
Flight of the Intruder as C.P.O. Frank McRae
Jacob's Ladder as George
The Long Walk Home as Herbert Cotter
When You Remember Me
Rising Son as Ed
Casualties of War (1989) .... Lt. Reilly
Men- TV Series .... Charlie Hazard
Patty Hearst (1988) .... Cinque
Native Son (1986) .... Jack
Another World -- TV Series .... Czaja Carnek (1986)
Go Tell It On the Mountain (1984) (TV) .... Young Gabriel Grimes

ER as "Walt" in the episodes:-
Doctor Carter, I Presume 1996
The Right Thing
Love Among The Ruins 1995
Sleepless in Chicago
The Birthday Party
Luck of the Draw
9 1/2 Hours 1994
Hit and Run
New York Undercover as Max Villareal in episode Olde Tyme Religion 1995
The Equalizer  playing Luther 'Million' Paxton in episode Suicide Squad 1989
Spenser: For Hire as Henry Brown in episode McAllister 1988

Tour of Duty as SP4 Tucker in episode Burn Baby, Burn

Miami Vice in episode Child's Play 1987
Crime Story 1986
Miami Vice playing Georges in episode The Maze 1985