Burn Baby Burn

Racial tension leads to violence when a militant black soldier, TUCKER, and a KKK member, INNIS, both end up in Bravo Co. Tucker’s friend is killed when Innis fails to provide cover.

Later, Innis is murdered with Johnson’s weapon. While Goldman and Anderson don’t believe Johnson is guilty, they must follow procedure and place him under arrest. Meanwhile, Tucker has riled up "his" men, armed , they approach the CP (where Johnson is being held) and demand his release. The white soldiers also approach, carrying their weapons. Only Zeke’s courage and authority prevents a shootout between the groups.

In the end, Tucker transfers out, but the real conflict is unresolved.

Director: Ray Villalobos                         Writer: Steve Duncan & L. Travis Clark

Ving Rhames Private Tucker
Mark Rolston PV2   Innes
Bob Knepper PV2 Allen
Ronald William Lawrence SP4   Darden
Hung Quoc Han Tam
Michael Hasegawa  Quang
Tom Brady  Hull
Maurice Travis PV2  Wolfe