I Wish It Would Rain


Goldman and Alex attend an Embassy party . Zeke and Seymour have to cancel a romantic evening when a psycho breaks loose and they have to find him. Taylor and Percell have to go find Johnson, who’s upset over Ling, and save him from being declared AWOL. Then , the three of them are trapped by some VC tax collectors and have to be saved by McKay, Goldman and Zeke.

Director: Bradford May      Writers: R. Husky, Cooper & S. P. Smith (story)    

Robert Burns Clark (Teleplay)

Betsy Brantley Dr J. Seymour
Andrew Masset Fourneir
James McIntire ?
Louie Bonanno ?
Dierk Torsek ?
Michael Paul  Chan
John Shepard Taft
John DeMita Lt. Driscoll
Raymond Ma Mr Tsung
Thom Richardson,Jr  Blackman

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