Sleeping Dogs

Anderson senses a fellow Sergeant is near the breaking point after two tours and devises a plan to help him, but it results in Purcell being lost in the bush.. Seymour attempts to help Johnson, who is being drawn into more commitment than he’s ready for in his relationship with the Vietnamese girl, Ling, and Taylor, as usual, tries to help with advice. Alex Devlin starts tracking a story about corruption and profiteering in the NCO clubs by the Khaki Mafia. When she and Goldman attend a party at the base NCO club, the entire gathering is terrorised by the Sergeant that Anderson tried to help, and heroics by Anderson and Goldman save the day.

Director: Steve Posey          Writer: Jerry Patrick Brown

Betsey Brantry Dr J. Seymour
Leila Hee Olsen Ling
Gary Lee Davis Sgt. Major Toliver
Michael Madsen   Sgt. Greg Block
Jusak Bernhard Van

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