Popular Forces

Bravo Company is assigned to take out a group of ARVN soldiers, recent inductees, and teach them the finer points of field manoeuvres. Alex meanwhile is being flown by McKay to a village, in order to do a story on the dislocation of Vietnamese civilians. Seymour has to go to Saigon for some medical supplies, and while in town she goes to lunch with the pharmacist, the pharmacist is shot and Seymour is forced into using a gun, killing the attacker. Bravo company finds itself in a situation where their lives are in the hands of the inexperienced ARVN ,and Alex finds herself rescued from a VC attack by a group of orphans who teach her something of the strength of the attachment the Vietnamese feel for their land.

Director: Bill Norton      Writers: D. Cooper, E. Katz & J. Brown (Story)—Cynthia Darnell (Teleplay)

Galen Yuen  P.F.
Mitch Watson Medic
Jason Miyashiro Henry
Andrew-Whuy Nguyen N.V.A. Commander
Robert Ito Vin
Joon B.Kim   Tran

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