A Bodyguard Of Lies

Upon Anderson’s return from his thirty days in the States, the men go on a special mission led by a North Vietnamese defector. Along the way, Percell forms a special friendship with the defector. When the men discover a My Lai type massacre and the defector is killed Percell is sent over the edge. He ends up up seeking solace in drugs, and for the first time tries heroin.

WRITER; Brian Herskowitz

Liem Whatley Thang
Maryilyn Tokuda  Li An Brewster
Christopher Burgard "Stoney Zammit"
Dean Hamilton Spec 4 Worthen
Ramsay Midwood PFC. Lorin
Hotep Brown  Jac-Nho
Samuel Castelo  Villager
Michael B.Christy Major Duncan
Dana Vitatoe Soldier
Greg Germann   Lt. Bellar

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