A Necessary End


McKay’s jeep accidentally strikes a child, bringing him into contact with a French nun who’s in charge of a makeshift orphanage. She causes him to consciously re-evaluate his life’s worth. Percell is busted , assigned to a degrading detail. His self-image collapses, and he deserts. A mission to kidnap a defecting NVA officer uncovers perfidy in the ARVN command , and brings Ruiz and Brewster into contact with a prosperous, middle-class Vietnamese family.

WRITER; Jerry Patrick Brown

Maria Mayenzet Sister Bernadette
Scott Lawrence SP4 Leander
Dean Hamilton SP4 Worthen
Leilani Sarelle Dollie
Oz Tortora Sid Boyle
Bradley Thomas Franklin
Tom Patton MP # 1
Larry Cord ND SF #1
Charles Hyman
Master Sgt. Hannegan
Steven Langa Samples

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