Lonely At The Top

A behind the scenes picture of Hotep Brown with Carl Weathers on the set of Tour of Duty
(Photo used with permission)

Johnson is faced with a crisis of confidence after soldiers die following his orders. This comes amid an escalating dance of "cat-and-mouse" with the N.V.A over a missing (and presumed captured) Australian S.O.G Team Leader. Meanwhile Anderson and Dr. Jennifer Seymour spend a weekend together in Texas. Faced with the choice of losing one of the two things he values most, Anderson finally proposes marriage, and she accepts. Soon, however , inner voices compel him to painfully to re-evaluate his decision.

WRITER; David Kemper

James Piddock  Major Shadlow
Ross Harris O'Bannon
Marilyn Tukuda Li-An Brewster
Steven Ingrassia Snow
Ken Hebert Teenager
Richard Hoyt Millier Captain
Trevor Goddard Williams
Hotep Brown  Jac-Nho Brewster
Ricki Maliwanag Arvn Interpreter
Ky-Do Old Man
Betsey Brantley Dr.J.Seymour

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