Cloud Nine

Anderson has to organise a commando raid into Cholon to spring a drugged out Percell from his deserter friends. While Percell suffers through cold turkey withdrawal, Brewster is forced to put his career in jeopardy (along with his relationship with Kim-Ly ) by going to the press with his knowledge of the Phu An massacre and cover-up. After being relieved of command, Brewster leads one last raid into Cambodia where Team Viking disrupts an NVA supply route by blowing up a truck convoy using a hidden river/road.

WRITER; Robert Bielak

Aaron Seville Cool Breeze
Paul Anderson Scott Black Deserter
Stephen Quadros White Deserter
Tram Van Le NVA Commander
Maria Mayenzet  Sister Bernadette
Michael B. Christy Major Duncan
Scott Lawrence SP4 Leander
Marilyn Tokuda Li An Brewster
Oz Tortora Sid Boyle
Greg Germann Lt. Bellar

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