Dead Mans Tales

In the aftermath of the battle for Hill Baker 212, Anderson Is put in for a Distinguished Service Cross. Major Duncan is killed by the "Camp Barnett Sniper". An artillery barrage is called in to flush the culprit out of his lair, during which action McKay’s chopper accidentally kills three US soldiers. McKay’s guilt leads him to request a ground assignment and ultimately to hunt down the sniper on his own. A drunk Baby Cakes falls to his death in Saigon leading our guys to plot to have him listed as KIA

WRITER: Robert Bielak

Alice Carter  Tien Ly
Kylie Chandler  William Griner
Scott Fults Eddie Bell
Alan Scarfe Colonel Stringer
Maria Mayenzet Sister Bernadette
Jihmi Kennedy Shakey Williams
Sam Hiona Thong
Michael Christy  Major Duncan
Sterling Macer Friend
Peter Luna Captain Morales
Lisa Lee Sniper