Angel Of Mercy

As the NVA and VC prepare for the infamous "TET OFFENSIVE" our guys run into a gang of bad guys in the bush .They are able to catch an NVA Colonel, TRANG. But Goldman also catches a bullet in his helmet and in his jacket. Though saved by his clothing, he still does need to go the hospital along with Anderson, who has a sprained ankle. NIKKI is shocked to see Goldman, but is relieved that he’s ok. He is concerned about her distant attitude, and she eventually tells him that she has had an abortion. He , in turn asks her to marry him, but she doesn’t want to chance being a widow. Meanwhile , intelligence officers from the army and from ARVN have arrived to interrogate Trang, who is almost killed mysteriously. But the ARVN intelligence officer, BA THO, is actually an NVA operative and tries to shoot out his way through the halls of the hospital. In the end , Goldman saves Nikki’s life ;they leave their relationship on hold as Goldman and Anderson ponder what might be the big offensive that they now know is being planned for Tet.

Director : Bill Norton                                                  Writer J. David Wyles

Pamela Gidley  Lt. Nikki Raines
Arther Taxier ?
Julie Ow  ?
Clyde Kusatsu ?
James Hong Colonel Trang
Darin Taylor Tryone
Bob Fimiani Major Braun
William Lebus   Dr. Ames
James Davenport MP#1
Harold Odrick  MP#2
Peter J. McKernan Pilot
Thieng Thach Vietnamese Chief
Thanh Chi Dang  Vietnamese Kid
Khoi Tran Kit Carson Scout
Sherry Crider Nurse
Charlie Pham V.C Soldier

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