The Hill

Picking right up from "Angel of Mercy" this show opens with Goldman and Nikki on a brief R&R. When he returns to BRAVO, they are assigned to help take Hill 1000, which they had to capture once before only to give it back. . And again they are able to chase off the elusive enemy only to be ordered off the hill so that it can be defoliated. Meanwhile , our guys receive medals for bravery . But, the NVA shoot down the defoliant chopper and our guys are asked once again to risk life and limb to take the hill once again. But Horn just can’t stand to see any more of his buddies killed by the unseen enemy.And goes back down the Hill. But when Horn sees that Taylor has been wounded, he realises that the reason to go back and fight is to help his buddies.

With this rationalisation in mind, Horn risks his own life and is seriously wounded as he single-handedly destroys the NVA bunker and saves his friend’s lives. In the end Horn is sent home, and it is not clear whether or not his injuries are permanent.

Director : Robert Iskov                                                   Writer : Steve Smith

Tony Carreiro
Pamela Gidley Lt. Nikki Raines
Eugene Williams
Rob Garrison Lt. Biggs
Bruce Gray Lt. Col. Dalby
Janis Forgetta Woman
Andy Dupree G.I.
George O'Hanlon  Lt. Ferguson
Tim Wagner Captain Lewis
Sidney Milburn Jones
Mike Ebner Sgt. Boyle
Marc Bosslee Medic

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