Battling Baker Brothers


When Baker’s twin brother, KARL, comes to visit, it becomes clear that he is the wild one of the two.

Karl’s antics finally get to Baker when he sleeps with Baker’s new-found love. Baker’s anger at his brother is replaced by concern when Karl’s Huey crashes in enemy territory. Baker disobeys orders to find his brother.

Eventually, they both become prisoners and are tortured by both the NVA and the VC.

Anderson and Goldman go in to save the brothers and must attempt a daring rescue before American bombers fly in to blow up this enemy camp.

Director : Bill Norton                               Writers: Bill Norton & J. David Wyles

Karl Bruskotter Karl Baker
Kady Tran
Vincent Thingh Ngyen N.V.A.Commander
Mai Hoang Wounded G.I.
Khoi Tran  Arvn Scout
Tuy Huyhi  Guard #1
Kuan Hung Doan  Guard #2
Ta Phi Kendall  Woodcutter
Julio Herzer  Radio Operator