The Good, The Bad, and The Dead

ANDERSON rescues his former commander (and role model), DECKER, from his second court-martial (for irresponsible behaviour ) and puts him in charge of (our) squad as they head out to ambush an NVA radio post. At first popular with our guys, Decker quickly lets his drinking interfere with his judgements. His lax, drunken demeanour causes HORN to be seriously wounded by an NVA scout, who then warns his troops about our guys. Having destroyed the mission and nearly gotten Horn killed, Decker is stripped of his command and his weapon. In the end, our guys are the ones who are ambushed when the NVA surrounds them. Decker and Anderson save the day by creating a diversion so that our guys can escape. Decker dies in his efforts, and Anderson is left to wonder whether or not they all wouldn’t be better off dead.

Director: Bill Norton                                                          Writer: Bill Norton

Tim Thomerson Sgt. Aubrey Decker
David Vanderbrke  First M.P
Stephanie Thi  Rita Mae

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