Brothers, Fathers, and Sons

ANDERSON, BAKER, and JOHNSON are shot down and must make their way back to base while being hunted by the VC, led by TRANG, whose son was killed by our guys. The trio come across a women who dies giving birth. Anderson is adamant about leaving the baby behind, but the other two insist on taking it with them.

However , it is Anderson who ends up taking care of the baby and forms the strongest bond with him, risking his life to save the baby. In the end, after many gunfights, Trang and Zeke are left to battle it out. Trang gets the upper hand when Zeke tries to save the baby, but he is unable to kill a man who twice risks his life for this child (who has been killed by their gunfire).

Director: Bill Norton                                                           Writer : Bill Norton

Al Furuto  Squad Leader
Peter McKeran  Warrant Officer
Thuan Van Duong  Doc Thien
Vyhien T. Nguyon Wounded Women
Sen Thi Nguyen Old Lady
Baoan Coleman   ?