Thanks For The Memories

Thanksgiving ‘68 .Percell, off drugs but still not ready to return to the field , is admitted to the Psych Ward of the Camp Hospital as an exhaustion case. Brewster is forced out of his command, but under the help of General Elliot determines to fight to get it back.

Meanwhile , Brewster encourages Anderson to request a direct commission to officer which puts him at odds with Goldman.

WRITER; Carol Mendelsohn

Michael B. Christy Major Mike Duncan
Michael Fairman  Major Gen. Edward Higgins
Shawn Levy SP4 Budd Sills
John Walter Davis CSM Noonan (Color Sergeant Major)
William Thomas Jr. Dave
Sondra Lieu  Whore 1
Ren Hamami  Whore 2
Del Hinkley Ambassador
Rocky Slaymaker Door Gunner
Isaac Allen Soldier

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