The Road To Long Binh


Anderson and Goldman are assigned to transport a deserter to Long Bihn Jail. They suffer through a series of misadventures, including a brief stint in the stockade, on the "Road to Long Binh". There ,they are befriended by a South Vietnamese Civil Defence Force ("CIDEES") and invited to spend the night in the ville. The next morning , the CIDEES press our guys into service to save an American truck convoy from an enemy attack. Sgt. Digby proves to be a hero , saving both Goldman and Anderson’s lives and motivating them to set Digby free.

WRITERS: David Kemper and Carol Mendelsohn

James Sutorius Staff Sergeant Digby
April Tran Lt. Pran
Ken Smolka Lt. Col.Markman
Dan Moseley Second M.P.
Timothy Moran Force Mechanic
William Kerr Cook
John Brewer  Second Mechanic